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Interactive Web Solutions is a web design & marketing company based in Germantown, WI. Founded in 2012 by Dan Pankau, IWS has worked with business and clients of all sizes. Every business is different & we understand how to portray those unique differences to your clients in a clean, easy to use website.

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Responsive Design

Your site will work perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile, so customers have the best possible experience on every device.

SEO Pro's

We undestand search engines & will make sure your site is Google-friendly by optimizing site content to make it easy for Google to evaluate.

Comprehensive Analytics

We employ a full suite of analytics and tracking software so you can see how your online efforts are paying off.

Paid Search Experts

Driving traffic to your website can be a challenging task. We specialize in developing granular paid search marketing campaigns. We target the KPI's that are important to your business.

Business-Driving Widgets

We use a variety of widgets designed to get you more phone calls, appointments, reservations, visitors and customers.

Social Media Integration

Connect with your customers when they’re not on your website? We’ll add social icons or even embed your social feeds so visitors can easily like or follow you.

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Website Personalization Create a Tailored Experience for Every Customer

You know how Amazon shows related products and Facebook displays tailored ads? These personalized experiences make visitors more likely to buy. GUESS WHAT? We can help you drive more sales by creating the same kind of experiences on your website! We use a variety of triggers that change the content on your site to better meet your customers’ needs.

Custom User Experience Triggers:

  • Time Of Day
  • Campaign URL
  • Device Type
  • Visitor Location
  • Number of Visits

Examples of Personalization in Action

Special Promotion

trigger: Visitor clicks on a unique link from a campaign URL

action: Display a special sale popup that directly relates to the campaign

value: Improve your campaign with a customized message

Valentine’s Day Reservation

trigger: Visitor arrives on Valentine’s Day

action: Show notification bar enabling reservations

value: Boost sales with easy online reservations

Visit Us

trigger: Visitor arrives from a specific geolocation

action: Show a map to your closest branch

value: Guide visitors directly to your shop

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About Interactive Web Solutions

When you walk into a store, you can normally tell within a few seconds whether or not you’re likely to make a purchase. The store’s layout, the helpfulness of the staff and the overall shopping experience are all important factors in turning visitors into customers.

We believe the same holds true for your website. It’s often the first place potential customers interact with your business, so we always strive to create that all-important great first impression.

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